AT&T Older Plan Increased on April 1st 2024

AT&T raised the price on the older unlimited business plans by $5 on April 1st 2024

Heads Up: AT&T Business Wireless Raised Prices on Older Unlimited Plans (But I Can Help!)

Hey there, my awesome AT&T Business Wireless clients!

Remember that heads-up I gave you about a potential price hike on older unlimited plans? Well, AT&T went ahead and made it official. Not ideal, right?

Here’s the deal: Apparently, they sent out billing notices in February, but let’s be honest, who reads every line of a bill? The good news is, I’m here to help you navigate this price change.

They’re increasing the price by $5 per line for those grandfathered-in unlimited plans. Ouch. Transparency is key in my book, and surprise price jumps can mess up your budget.

Here’s how I can be your wireless guardian angel:

  • Plan Detective: Let’s crack open your account and see if you’re on one of these affected plans.
  • Plan Matchmaker: We can compare your current plan to the newer AT&T Business Wireless options. Maybe there’s a better fit with more features and a similar price tag (or even lower!).
  • Price Fighter: With my experience as your wireless consultant, I can fight for some savings on your plan, even with the hike.

Don’t let this price hike stress you out!

Leave a comment below, or shoot me a message directly. Let’s chat about your plan and see how I can help you stay connected without breaking the bank.

P.S. Sharing is caring! Feel free to pass this post along to any other AT&T Business Wireless users who might be in the dark about the price change.

I asked this question on AT&T forums so I could send information that was published online instead of showing AT&T business customers the increase on their bills.

Question on AT&T Forum

AT&T raised the price by $5 per line on the Unlimited Your Way Plan 1.0 and old Unlimited Business Plans on April 1st 2024. Where can I find this information on this online? AT&T must have this information for business customers to read about the changes and to take action.

AT&T Forums Link


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