Watch “A night out with the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 928” on YouTube

I took two pictures of my Windows representative after he gave me a demo of the features on the Nokia Lumia 928.



The first picture was taken with my Droid HTC DNA and the second with the Windows Lumia 928. Both phones were not optimized for these pictures, the factory out of the box camera settings were used.

Nokia Lumia 928 Black

You have an eye for the lens. Wherever you are, you see the perfect scene to capture with your smartphone’s camera. Recording your daughter’s recital. Tossing a ball with the neighbor’s dog. A new vase full of flowers on your kitchen table. With the Verizon-exclusive Nokia Lumia 928, you get a camera that shines bright in a smartphone that runs on the familiar Windows Phone 8 and shares with the speed of 4G LTE. It’s simply…powerful.

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