Verizon Wireless unlimited data users can keep unlimited

If you are one of the few grandfather in unlimited smartphone data users on Verizon Wireless and want to keep it, here are your options. First no one can take it away from you, it is yours unless you want a subsidized phone.
What is a subsidized phone you may ask. That’s the equipment you got from Verizon Wireless at the start of your contract or during your last renewal or upgrade as most people call it.
When you start service with Verizon Wireless they will give you the equipment at a major discount. For example the Apple iPhone is about $700 when you buy it at full retail price but if you sign a new 2 year agreement with Verizon Wireless they will sell you the phone for $199 because they know you will stay a customer for at least 2 years and they will make up the difference on the cost of the phone.
Now back to the unlimited data users, if you opt to get a discounted phone Verizon Wireless will remove the unlimited data feature and add limited data packages (most data users stay under 2GB per month). This policy started June 28 2012 and is what will be going forward.
For the users who need to or want to keep the unlimited data package you can buy any phone at full retail (iPhone 5 for $700). You can buy phones from friends, EBay, Craigslist or anywhere you want.
This will keep your unlimited data package and avoid renewing your contract.

I have unlimited data on my account and I use a lot more than 2GB per month of data, so what I did was to upgrade my phone to a 4G smartphone before June 28 2012 because I had an upgrade available at that time and I added insurance on my phone. This is my situation and not the average but I know I will always have a phone and if it breaks insurance will replace with unit that has a year warranty.

This may not be what most Verizon Wireless customers want to hear but Verizon and AT&T the two best wireless services in the United States can’t afford to have all their customers with unlimited data plans it will bring down the network quality.

If you have any questions or want me to review your data usage and tell you your option contact me n my contact page and remember I sell Verizon Wireless products in the Tampa Bay area.

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