Verizon Wireless consultant in the Tampa Bay area

We have established a at home or business delivery service of all Verizon Wireless phones and devices. Our mobile service technicians will come to your location with your new mobile device and give you a personal experience.  Why would you order a new phone or device online and have it shipped when our service technicians will bring you the equipment, transfer contacts and pictures and give you a tutorial on your new device.

Our HPC (home phone connects) gives you unlimited nationwide calling for only $19.99 a month. We will deliver the device, set it up and transfer your phone number.

Our Jetpacks  (mobile hotspots) gives you internet at home and on the go. We will deliver the device and connect all of you computers, laptops, tablets, iPads  and any other wireless device.

Our Smart phones (Apple iPhone/ Android phones) your personal digital assistant. We will deliver your new Smart phone transfer your contacts, pictures, set up your email and your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We will show you how to use your navigation, search the web, download applications and give you our recommendations for apps to suite your life style.

We also have in store appointments at select locations from Inverness to Naples Florida seven days a week.

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