Starting service with Verizon Wireless just got a little easier

For years now when you started service with Verizon Wireless your first bill was a prorated bill.  So your first bill could have been 2 months of service plus an activation fee making that first bill a lot larger than expected. For instance you picked a the plan that was gonna cost you $80 a month you expected you first bill to be $80 plus the activation fee and taxes. That was not the case in most instances, the first bill would be a full month, activation fees and depending on your billing cycle almost another full month of services could of be included. Then on top of that the taxes on phone services is 21%. What a shocker for customers who just shelled out a few hundred dollars for the latest and greatest smartphone to get hit with a bill for another few hundred dollars and if you activated  multiple lines like in a family plan bam!
Verizon Wireless just got on the band wagon and now when you activate new line of  service your billing cycle is the same day or the next day. That makes sense to the consumer that acknowledged that the first bill would have an activation fee and the first month of service with taxes.

When I activate service for one of my clients I print out a estimate of the first bill and explain to them what to expect the first month and then in up coming months. I also explain the overages and ways of not getting them.

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