Redoing my website on my own

I have had so much trouble in the past few years trying to get someone to do my websites for me. They all have been a waste of time, money and energy. This domain has been around long enough that I should have great rankings. I did but because of all the idiots I have to learn how to do this myself.

I am sorry about the rant but it is frustrating starting all over. I am the Wireless Consultant, I called myself that back when I was working for LetsTalk.comin the early 90s before they sold all of there retail stores to Nextel and transferred the business online to Lets Talk Cellular was one of the first wireless retailers to sell multiple wireless providers like Bellsouth Mobility, Sprint PCS, Primeco and Nextel.

That’s when I realized I was a Wireless Consultant and a One Stop Wireless Shop. So this is me going to start over with all my websites which I am now doing it all on WordPress and I will be talking about all the different wireless providers and the changes.

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