Cut the contract: How prepaid smartphones can save you money.

Verizon Wireless Prepay

The prepaid evolution The U.S. prepaid phone market started out with a simple purpose: To provide inexpensive phones and wireless service to people who were unable to secure regular contract-based accounts.

“If you look back three or four years ago, prepaid was really a destination you landed as a consumer if you couldn’t pass a credit check,” says Mike Katz, the head of T-Mobile USA’s prepaid division.

imageArticle from Computer World on Prepaid Smartphones

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Verizon Wireless Announces $30 Upgrade Fee | News & Opinion |

Verizon Wireless Announces $30 Upgrade Fee | Save $30 upgrade fee

The fee applies to those who opt for subsidized devices with a two-year Verizon contract. Most smartphones, from the iPhone to popular Android handsets, are offered at discounted prices for those who agree to a contract.

Call me to check upgrade eligibility on your Verizon Wireless Account. 813-421-5545


What gives Verizon Wireless the right to charge an upgrade fee?

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WordPress posts using my mobile devices

Today I set up my Motorola Xoom with the Blog Wireless Consultant that I downloaded from the Android Playstore. I wanted to add posts with video directly from the Motorola Xoom. It did not work, it wanted me to use Youtube, Facebook or Twitter for third party video uploading from the Xoom. Posting with text or adding a photograph is easy using the WordPress application.

So this quick post is on my Motorola Xoom its Easter day and I am in New Port Richey, Florida. I will do quick test with a QR code of the location.

I am happy with my first quick post a few days ago, it was a ramble but I saw how quickly Google ranked me for the keywords Wireless Consultant and One Stop Wireless, from what I see on my side, Google has me on their first page for either keywords. What do keywords have to do with Wireless Consultant Blog you may ask, I am using different mobile devices like my Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone, Motorola Xoom and my Lapdock for my Bionic.
My post will regularly be done mobile and one of the main goals is to get a audience and keyword ranking is important for organic searches. My keyword choices must be revalunt to my post.

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Redoing my website on my own

I have had so much trouble in the past few years trying to get someone to do my websites for me. They all have been a waste of time, money and energy. This domain has been around long enough that I should have great rankings. I did but because of all the idiots I have to learn how to do this myself.

I am sorry about the rant but it is frustrating starting all over. I am the Wireless Consultant, I called myself that back when I was working for LetsTalk.comin the early 90s before they sold all of there retail stores to Nextel and transferred the business online to Lets Talk Cellular was one of the first wireless retailers to sell multiple wireless providers like Bellsouth Mobility, Sprint PCS, Primeco and Nextel.

That’s when I realized I was a Wireless Consultant and a One Stop Wireless Shop. So this is me going to start over with all my websites which I am now doing it all on WordPress and I will be talking about all the different wireless providers and the changes.

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