AT&T Planning to Shut Down Its 2G Network By End of 2016

AT&T said it is continuing to migrate its customer base as it moves forward with plans to shut down its 2G network by the end of this year.

According to CFO John Stevens, AT&T has already transitioned some six million customers in the last 12 months off the 2G base and is poised to decommission the legacy network by the end of 2016.

Though Stevens said AT&T expects most of the remaining base to make transition, he said the carrier expects to “continue to see manageable pressure in the last half of the year from subscribers, mostly connected devices, choosing not to make this migration.” While the change may impact revenues slightly, Stevens said AT&T is expecting to reap both cost and spectrum benefits from the move.

“There still is a lot of cost that is left just to operate even a piece of the 2G network,” Stevens said. “So we are anxious to capture that savings and use it to continue a strong EBITDA story for our wireless business.”

Stevens said AT&T is planning to refarm the spectrum from the decommissioned 2G network to help meet ever increasing data demands.

According to Stevens, the carrier has already repurposed some of the 2G network spectrum in areas where 2G device traffic has dropped off. This incremental approach, he said, means some markets will only have small chunks of spectrum left that need to be repurposed.

But AT&T isn’t the first U.S. carrier to refarm its 2G spectrum.

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AT&T is ready to unveil its own video service that could top Netflix | Dallas Morning News

AT&T will have deliver its fourth quarter earnings today but the most hype might be surrounding a pending announcement of an AT&T video service that could top Netflix.

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Mobile Industry Generates $670 Billion in North America

With $670 billion in total economic impact, the North American cellphone industry fuels nearly 3.5 percent of the region’s overall economic output, according to the latest figures from industry groupGSMA.

Some $217 billion of that is generated directly by network operators and related industries, while $130 billion is indirect impact and an additional $324 billion is due to productivity gains that the mobile economy provides, according to the group’s 2015 report.

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AT&T Short Codes to check usage and balance

Use these short codes from you AT&T cell phone to retrieve the below information. Continue reading

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Mobile Security with AT&T Mobility

With today’s proliferation of mobile devices, remote work locations, and cloud based apps, new cyber security threats are on the rise. Watch this video to learn about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, intellectual property attacks, and more. Learn how AT&T Network Security solutions can help protect you and your customers from cyber security threats.

A company should look at three areas to embrace a multi-layered security model that integrates existing solutions with new mobile-focused solutions.

1. Review existing security threats. 

The operating system, version, and patch status of the device are several items that should be checked before a mobile device connects into your network and applications. Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to data will mitigate some but not all of the risks. Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) software minimizes device level risk and certain application level risks, but IT must be careful to ensure that the EMM software doesn’t provide an onerous security experience.

2. Remediate and refresh existing security solutions. 

Businesses should define degrees of risk and match the security solution to the data’s risk profile. These solutions should secure specific applications and content while separating business data from personal data and applications. Companies also need their security solutions to assist with Wireless Local-Area Network (WLAN) access, device onboarding, device health checks, mobile application distribution, and update management. A company should integrate its existing AAA infrastructure and policy management solutions with its EMM mobile solutions. These solutions should help a company bridge existing identity and network access control solutions and provision personal mobile devices with VPN settings, certificates, and trust details.

3. Reinvent your security strategy with context.

Security policies should use application, user identity, role, content type, time of day, location, device type, and device state to control network access to applications and data. In this phase, companies will also build a strategy for multi-factor authentication. Local area network context and device context (including wearables) will enhance existing authentication solutions.

By considering, checking, and implementing these three main steps, you will help ensure your mobile security 24/7.  Symantec issues a monthly intelligence report, that provides the latest analysis of cyber security threats, trends, and insights on malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks. It can be found here.


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