How can I get a iPhone 5 or new Android without losing my unlimited data.

I have Verizon Wireless customer looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 5 or one of the newest Android smartphone. The issue that some customer have is losing the unlimited data plan they currently are grandfathered in with.
You hear that most customers don’t use more than 2 gigabytes per month of data but some like myself do. I watch Netflix and YouTube and average 10+ gigabytes per month on my Motorola Razr. I am one of the few customers that want to keep the unlimited data feature and found ways around for some other Verizon Wireless customers to keep theirs also. It does take some creative solutions but it can and has been done many time since June 28th 2012 when Verizon Wireless stated that any customer that wants to use their upgrade to get a subsidized phone. I wrote about this in my previous post but now I am able to get you that discounted equipment without losing your unlimited data feature.

You must contact me and every customer has different situations. I am doing this from my customers the ones that do business with me.

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