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My customer last week ported 15 lines from T-Mobile and wanted to go with the no contract option on AT&T using their existing Samsung S3 phones. I informed the customer the phones would have to be unlocked to work on AT&T network, then I instructed the customer on how to obtain the unlock codes from T-Mobile.
All the phones were going on a 30 Gigabyte Mobile Share Value plan and each Smartphone would cost $15 sharing the 30GB with Unlimited Talk and Messaging.

30GB Mobile Share Value Plan $225
Smartphones on Next or Byod $15 line charge * 15 phones $225
$500 recurring monthly charge.

Now I had another idea for equipment for this customer because unlocked phones work but sometimes you can have issues with messaging and data, if the AT&T settings are not properly entered. Also I wanted this new customer to have equipment that would have a warranty. The Samsung S3 is a great phone but it is an older model, discontinued and I figured out how they can get new phones.

The customer can get a brand new phones on Next with the promotion and still get the same benefit of no contract. The phones were for workers who needed email access and ability to take pictures of job sites. The phones I offered the customer were Android and similar in specs to the Samsung S3 and with that $200 credit for new lines on Next the phones would be free.

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