AT&T Next 18 is now 24 months installments instead of 26

AT&T Next

On June 8, 2014, the monthly installment plan changed from 26 to 24 months monthly installment payments. The AT&T Next installment plan enables customers to upgrade to a new smartphone every 12 months (20-month AT&T Next installment plan) or every 18 months (24/26-month AT&T Next installment plan).
Customer are standard-upgrade eligible after paying 12 installments (20-month AT&T Next installment plan) or 18 installments (24/26-month AT&T Next installment plan), and if the account is in good standing. After payment of the 12th (20-month plan) or 18th (24/26-month plan) installment, customers can either choose to trade their smartphone (in good working condition) and select a brand new device, with two convenient options:
Start over with a new installment plan or perform a two-year agreement upgrade. Choose to keep their smartphone and make the remaining payments.

Customers who purchased a tablet through AT&T Next before November 20, 2013, are able to trade in their tablet one time and upgrade to a new tablet based on the tablet offers at the time of upgrade. Customers are upgrade eligible after paying 12 installments, if the account is in good standing (not available at Local Dealer).

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