AT&T declining insurance deductible

A new Mobile Insurance program benefit called Declining Deductible is being provided at no additional cost. Customers will be rewarded with a discount off the standard deductible for the number of months that their mobile number is enrolled and claim-free.

Length of Enrollment in MI Claim-Free Discount off Standard Deductible for Claims Filed on or after August 1, 2014
Six consecutive months Yes 25%
12 consecutive months Yes 50%

The date of loss determines the eligibility for the Declining Deductible discount per table below.
Declining Deductible does not affect the Mobile Insurance monthly premium charge of $6.99 per month per mobile enrolled.

New Deductible After Discount
Standard Deductible At Six Months Since Incident Date of Last Approved Claim At 12 Months Since Incident Date of Last Approved Claim
$50 $37 $25
$125 $93 $62
$199 $149 $99

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