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Curtis Matthews is a Wireless Consultant for AT&T Mobility Business customers nationwide. I provide business customers mobile phones and devices by AT&T. I specialize in rate plan analysis, mobile applications, mobile device Management, vehicle tracking, push to talk,  navigation, equipment upgrades and new lines of service with AT&T Mobility.

As a wireless consultant with AT&T I have the experience and expertise in the industry with mobile phones and devices.¬†Working as a wireless consultant is a career that requires an in-depth knowledge of the latest electronic technology. Most people in this industry work in a retail setting and sell electronic devices such as basic phones and smartphones to customers. A wireless consultant has two main duties. They are staying up to date on technology and helping clients with their choices in devices, plans and features. Since the technology behind the electronics sold is consistently changing and evolving, it’s up to a wireless consultant to stay on top of trends and remain knowledgeable.

I have been a wireless consultant for over 30 years. When I started we had to install the phones into cars, originally called car phones.

Cell phone installed in a car

Car Phone

Then the progression of these phones, you could put it in a container that carried a base unit making that phone transportable.

Cell phone that is transportable

Transportable cell phone

What was next? Portability a smaller more compact unit that you were free to move around and communicate with anyone almost anywhere.

Portable phone

Look how far we have come from these devices we now call them smartphones. These devices have more capabilities than the computers we used to send men to the moon. We have numerous options of wireless providers, mobile phone options, plans, features and the list goes on.
What can we do you may ask to simplify all the choices and options. A wireless consultant who has always been in this industry and used and sold almost everything that is available in the United States is your answer.

I found this video on YouTube that I thought you might like and it gives a history of the mobile phone. I sold and used a lot of these mobile phones.

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